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Humanities Building, room 4409

Prof. Manuela Consonni

Room 404
+972- 2 5882480
by appointment, 050 5614625

Manuela Consonni studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she received her Ph.D (1998-2003) summa cum Laude. She has been a Max Planck Post-Doctoral Fellow at FU in Berlin, a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the School of Theory and Criticism at Cornell University and a Scholion Post-Doctoral Fellow at Scholion, the Interdisciplinary Center in Jewish Studies at the Hebrew University.  She was a senior member at the Scholion group on Knowledge and Pain, 2007-2010.

She is a Pela and Adam Starkopf Chair in Holocaust Studies, at the Department of Jewish History and Contemporary Jewry. She is currently the Director of the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism. She is the director of the Italian Studies Program at the  Department of Romance and Latin American Studies. She is the author of Resistenza o Shoah, the Memory of the Deportation and Extermination in Italy between 1945-1985 (Magnes University Press 2010) and L’eclisse dell’antifascismo. Resistenza, questione ebraica e cultura politica in Italia 1943-1989 (Laterza Publisher 2015), for which she got the Polonsky Prize 2016 for the creativity and originality in the Humanities.  The forthcoming English edition will be published by Indiana University Press. Her field of research includes Modern European History, Modern Jewish History, Shoah literature and Holocaust studies, Modern and Contemporary Italian History, Italian Jewish History. She is member of the Editorial Board of the Journal “Italia – On the History and the Literature of Italian Jewry” and of the Editorial Board of the `Rassegna Mensile di Israel‘. Among her articles: “Primo Levi, Robert Antelme  and the Body of the Muselman,” Partial Answers 7/2 (June 2009): 243-259; "The new grammar of the Otherness: Europe, the Shoah and the Jews", Jewish History, 24, 2, 2010, ‘Il corpo della politica e la politica del corpo. La Shoah, le donne e la scrittura in Italia’, Quaderni Storici 2012. Her current research projects are "Bracketing Death": Philosophical and Anthropological Analysis of Death and the History of the Shoah” and "The Threads of Antisemitism: Race and Nation“. She was awarded with several prizes, among them: Ben Zion Dinur Prize for Research in Jewish History for Academic Excellence; The Post-Doctoral Corinaldi Prize for Italian Jewry, Ephraim E. Urbach International Prize for Academic Excellence, Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, New York, The Warburg Post-Doctoral Fellowship and The Viterbi Visiting Scholar Professorship at the Center for Mediterranean Jewish Studies, at UCLA.

Her research interest are : Cultural History, Social History, History of Mentalities. Her fields of studies are : intellectual history of modern and contemporary Europe; Italian Jewish history; Shoah literature and Holocaust studies, particularly in Italy; Memory and national identity building in Western Europe; History of antisemitism.