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Dr. Michael Beizer

Room: 5119
Monday, 13:00 - 14:00

Dr. Beizer is a Research Fellow at the Department of Jewish History and Contemporary Jewry. His field of interest is a history of the Jews in Russia and the Soviet Union. It includes the following topics: History of the Jews of St. Petersburg – Leningrad, the Jewish National Movement in the USSR, a History of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee in Russia and the Soviet Union, Synagogues in Russia and the USSR, the Jews of Russia and the Revolution, and more.


Dr. Beizer also serves as:

-       Deputy Chief Editor of the Vestnik Evreiskogo universiteta (A Herald of the Hebrew University)  at the Chaise Center for Jewish Studies in Russian, Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies;

-       Historical Advisor to the General Director of the FSU Division, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Jerusalem;

-       Historical advisor (on voluntary basis) at the Save and Remember Association (Haifa) Archive of the Aliya Movement in the USSR.

Michael Beizer is an author and editor of 13 books. He is a laureate of the Antsiferov Prize (year 2000) for the best book on St. Petersburg.