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Prof Otto Dov Kulka


Incumbent of the Sol Rosenbloom Chair of Jewish History.

The main field of research and teaching at the University has been the early modern history; Jewish thought in the 16th century; History of Antisemitism; Jewish history under the National-Socialist Rule; Christian-Jewish relations from the 16th to the 20th century.

The central effort in scholarly work has been to create a primary base for research on the history of the Jews under the National-Socialist rule and to develop scientific criteria which would make it possible to integrate this central topic in Jewish and Universal history of the Twentieth Century.

Central works: Deutsches Judentum unter dem Nationalsozialismus, (Mohr Siebeck) Tübingen 1997; O. D. Kulka and Eberhard Jäckel (eds.), The Jews in the Secret Nazi-Reports on Popular Opinion in Germany, 1933-1945, (Yale University Press) New Haven 2010; O. D. Kulka (ed.), Judaism and Christianity Under the Impact of National Socialism 1919-1945, (The Historical Society of Israel) Jerusalem 1987.

In the field of non-scientific literature: Landscapes of the Metropolis of Death. Reflections on Memory and Imagination, (Penguin Books) London 2013.

Among articles on various historical periods: "The Historical Background of the National and Educational Teaching of Rabbi Bezalel of Prague: A Suggested New Approach to the Study of Maharal", in: Zion 50 (1985), 277-320 (Hebrew with English summary); “The Critique of Judaism in Modern European Thought: On the Historical Meaning of Modern Anti-Semitism", in: Jerusalem Quarterly 52 (Fall 1989), 126-144.

Public activities in historical research: Leo Baeck Institute, Jerusalem, Member of Executive Board; Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, Member of Executive Board; the periodical Yad Vashem Studies, Member of Editorial Board.

Prizes and rewards: Arnold Wiznitzer Prize, Hebrew University (1998); Buchman Memorial Prize, Yad Vashem (1998); Geschwister Scholl Preis, München (2013); Jewish Quarterly-Wingate Prize/Jewish Book Week, London (2014);


Photo attached (by Atta Awisat, 2005)